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The Architecture of the ShotFrom Alabama Slammer to Zoot Suit Riot, Architecture of the Shot is your fun and informative guide to 75 perfectly crafted shots and shooters. Become the master of the shot and let’s get this party started!

The perfect house begins with a blueprint and a dream, and the perfect shot should start the same way! The Architecture of the Shot will reveal the answers to all of your burning shot and shooter queries and more. Focusing on the precise measurements to help you craft the perfect shot as well as the recommend garnish and embellishments, you’ll no longer have to guess what the perfect shooter should taste like.

Laying out the exact measurements from the bottom of your shot glass to the top, you’ll discover the order which you should layer your liquors, the precise measurements needed, and even recommended brands.

Drink expert Paul Knorr provides you with 75 different shot and shooter recipes while Melissa Wood illustrates unique blueprint-inspired designs (including specifications, notes, and embellishments), making this the perfect gift for the party lover in your life. Don’t waste another minute on watered-down shots. Become a shot master with this beautifully illustrated guide.”

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ISBN: 9780007944927
ISBN 10: 0007944926
Imprint: Harper Collins
On Sale: 22/10/2015

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Hooray for Hollywood, I say!

My introduction to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was hosted by my dear Uncle Iggie and Aunt Lynn. Both thespians, they knew a thing or two about the movie biz, and insisted that my first visit to this famed shrine to movie legends include their two cents. (Same same when it was time to dine at the famed Sardi’s during a trip to New York).

We met outside of this iconic movie place for a look at the hand and foot prints of the STARS. As my uncle, a raconteur beyond compare, gingerly stepped from name to name (he was also a song and dance man on Broadway), he spilled out hilarious, compelling, jaw-dropping, casual, personable and riveting bon mots about every single person who’d spelled their names in wet cement. “Oh, then that rascal Rock burned a hole in our carpet with his cigarette!”, and “Well, of course Lynn appeared in Jumbo and had to dye her hair red so as not to be confused with the leading lady.”

And so. On.

His tales, peppered with comments from Lynn, clicked a filter in front of my mind, transforming the technicolor place where I stood, into a sepia-toned alter-reality, bringing each actor into focus: I could envision them in those rakish clothes of decades past, posing for pictures in the days of flashbulbs, fedoras and stilettos. Newspaper men with pencils. And cigarettes.

Ah, the glory days.

After this insiders view of Old Hollywood, I was then whisked across the street to dine in the elegant Roosevelt Hotel, the site of the first, and early, more modest, Academy Awards ceremonies. Hook, line & sinker.

So today, as the stars gather in the grand finale of both the awards season, and the year of film, I’m poised with champagne, goodies, and my Oscar ballot. It may not be the grandest era of this place we call Hollywood, but at some point, when the world clicks into yet another ethos, generation and wavelength, these days, this 2015 gang, will be up there on the shelves, a little dusty amidst the sparkle of those golden statuettes. But remembered as this: one of the best.

Red carpet, let the wonderment begin.



Venetian Days

The tundra of winter brings my senses flooding longingly to the day, long ago, when I first stepped off the train and into this exotic, middle-east scented, tan, umber, espresso, leather, garlic, fish, pasta-filled Italian place. Haunting me ever since, my pen reaches across the seas, beyond the snow, the chill, the language, and settles me, delightedly, back amidst this wayfarers dream.
Venice, Bridge of Sighs by Melissa Wood



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