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The thing about being interviewed is that one might stretch a tad towards a nervous disposition. After all, what if the questions asked dupe you into muttering unintelligible clap-trap out of panic or ignorance?

As an illustrator, I spend inordinate amounts of time solo, my pen hovered over a crisp sheet of drawing paper, listening to a myriad of music, (depending on my mood, the weather, the season, my vista), and talking to no one.


So, when my dapper publicity fellow over in the UK sent word that Insider London was keen to interview me about my latest book, Citysketch London, my delight was intermingled with that dread, which I can boil down to an odd big of “performance anxiety”.

Well, guess what? Like anything in life that came before, the anticipation or worries gave way to nothing but lightbulb moments of verbal clarity and delight.

Crediting the terrific questions of Frances Ambler with how fun these answers were to conjure up, read on.

And sketch on.

And travel on.


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