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The Penultimate Thank You

The Penultimate Thank You

This all started as a little sideline cottage industry, you know.

One baby, his birth announcement, requests for similar custom-illustrated invitations and voila. Two more babies.

I think about those early days often: a high english basement lined with shelves that bowed under the weight of hundreds of thousands of crisp freshly printed note cards. Three little children eager to earn a quarter per box of envelopes that their earnest little hands would count into sets of ten. The 3pm gong as our trusty UPS man, Tom, showed up with his metal dolly to lug away the huge cartons of freshly packaged orders heading off to points east and west, and our closing up shop for yet another day.

Evolving from my note card emporium to something more loosely defined as life as a freelance illustrator, I’ve lucked into some pretty plum projects.

Here are a few of my favorites.

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