m wood pen

i like to draw

and another day in the life of an illustrator.

“the architecture of the cocktail”, a collaboration with harpercollins uk & race point publishing, featuring my illustrations and the zippy prose of writer amy zavatto, is nestled amidst some swell swag this weekend. a part of the official mtv movie awards swag bag being given to the presenters, performers and winners of this year’s show, the handiwork of awards show gift suite pioneer karen wood of backstage creations, i couldn’t be more proud. with press pre-show plastered all over et online, radar online and celebuzz, the little book that could shake a martini like the best of ’em is looking good for the camera!

it’s no secret how enamored of hollywood i am, and granted, i’m a card-carrying tcm classic film lifetime member, but also can easily get all flustered over who will win: katniss or shailene woodley’s heroine from wrecked-chicago dystopian flick.  (i hang with the kids, and try to assume their lingo as often as possible!)

so, it cuts the norm out of normal when my very first tome will soon be on the bookshelf, bar or cocktail cart of some of this generations top bananas. in a word: cool.


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