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Golden birthday to my golden dear daughter. Gobs of love, you splendid gal. 

airstream dreams portfolioA few years ago, wait, maybe it was a bit further back, I was swept up in a tsunami of  wanderlust. Imagining hitching a ‘streamer up to my car and setting off to all points, I looked around at my then life and set my little dream aside. With life, and parenthood the need to sit still, work, tend to the life I’d committed to, as well as pay college bills outweighed my demented longing to chuck convention and hit the road.

So, after my stern talking to myself, and with absolutely no choice in the matter, I sobered my emotional gypsy long enough to come up with a plan to sate my itch by painting this batch of small dreamscapes.

Plucking several famed topographical vistas and parking my imaginary Airstream into the frame, I set out to do what was needed: roam, if only in my mind. Imagination is a powerful critter, and I’ve never been shy about rounding it up when the time called for the balm or inspiration it always brings me.

So, about this plan? This escape to the intoxicating world of maps, blacktop, street signs, byways and compressed living? To get off of the canvas and behind the wheel?

Well, of course, it’s trending. That’s no surprise because tiny living, roaming, vintage-aesthetics, are delights that I’ve championed for decades – deposition by children and pets available to check the accuracy of this boast. For Christmas trees, my motto is “more is more”, but for house and living, it’s so much better to have less.

Airstream Motels are popping up all over the place, (Pioneertown, San Juan Island, Escalante, and soon Taos) complete with a camp counselor sort of aesthetic to keep the guests and new world gypsies completely immersed in the experience. Imagine those strands of street lights, an open campfire, someone strumming a guitar and the lone, lonely cry of a harmonica: talk about intoxication.

The U.S. is a whopping big place, so it’s a bit daunting to think about roaming from one state to the next while pulling a silver ‘streamer behind my very cute new Jeep Renegade by myself. One, I cannot back up in reverse while something is hitched to me. I tried that years ago while maneuvering our John Deere tractor and it’s wee cart around the pasture and could never get the steering wheel situation clear in my head. Two, I’ve actually never stepped foot into an Airstream and having recently had a string of insanely claustrophobic MRI’s, I feel it wise to sample the actual dwelling before making a full-out commitment to the plan. And three, well, it’s not quite time to set off, as there are a few VIP things happening at the moment which keep me a bit tethered. Plus I totally need a road buddy just in case I have to back up the whole kit & caboodle.


It will happen, and while I get closer to maybe the baby step of testing one out by booking a stay at an Airstream Motel to see about the actual amount of oxygen and kitchen counter space, and also maybe practicing with that John Deere and cart a few more times, I’ll take paint to brush to canvas and park my Airstream Dream imaginatively in the some of the National Parks, along a fishing boat in Apalachicola, and somewhere along the great Mississippi River.


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