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have pen, will travel

In 1978, I left the preppy, pop music land of suburban Chicago home & set off for my freshman year at Cornell College in Iowa. 
At Joe’s Bar, I was confronted by a country music ONLY jukebox, thinking “Where the hell have I landed?” 

The answer? Heaven. 

Despite peer pressure to spin BTO or ELO or Boston, I had more than a feeling about putting Willie, Dolly, Kenny & all who’ve followed (dusty boots and all) onto my turntable and pressing play.

From records to tape cassettes, cds, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM & whatever gadgets come next: my music playlist always comes with a twang & fiddle.

I have spawned at least one child who has joined the ranks and files of serious diehard country music fans, something that makes incredibly country proud.

Corey – nearly time to head to Nashville? 

Forever Country: CMA 50th Anniversary Music Video

Grateful to see The Architecture of the Cocktail in such delicious company. 

Where’s the shaker?

Not On The High Street

Delightful Fish & Chips? Write home about it. Wrytewood Travel Notes

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