m wood pen


U.S.S. Constitution

History and illustration are passions that for me go hand in hand. When I sketch I am better able to sink into a story or a patch of the past. In the case of this mighty ship, my eyes are forced to examine construction, details, design and scale. As I drew the lines to resemble the rope ladder I shuddered at the shear bravery of sailors of old who clambered up a tilting mast in hopes of spying land.

Unfathomable. Heroic. And always worth visiting! Heading to Boston next year for a wild Revolutionary War road trip w a good friend to see the sites once again and also to devour as many lobster rolls as I can.


Little Island Lighthouse

There’s no business like show business!

Note the buzz of excitement as Broadway, West End and theatres

around the world exuberantly throw back the curtains at long last.

Grab a ticket, put on some fancy duds and support the arts.

Tokens to Inspire

Nodding to the mod aesthetic of the late 60s design of my new apartment, I chose visual tokens to be inspired by as I set up my little studio in a sunny corner upstairs.

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