m wood pen

i like to draw

a little corner of my living room sets the mood for cocktail time

a little corner of my living room sets the mood for cocktail time

and the merry-go-round of fun keeps on spinning!

book review: nashville scene


book review: la times


i’ve read plenty of book reviews: most sundays have found me buried into the new york times books section scouring the reviews for literary treasures to delve into.  thanks to goodreads with that nifty ‘books to read’ section, i don’t have to rely solely on my newspaper clippings, magazine rippings or spur of the moment scribblings to keep track of what’s next for my night stand!

so it came with a bit of an odd bit of surrealism that i read this review of the book; you know…the book! the one that has my name on the cover of it, and for which i spent months huddled over a drafting table!

the great news is that this jovial fellow felt compelled to tell his readers that “the architecture of the cocktail” is, indeed, deep sigh of relief on my vanity, a really good book. a good-looking book. a well-written book. a fun book. need i go on?

as much as i like to say i have absolutely zero ego when it comes to the things that are drawn (ask any of my art directors, editors or design collaborators: giving in to their sway, advice, directions or inspiration is quite easy to do), this public rating (which on any particular day could always turn to a flogging) is a tad nerve-wracking.

but, to remind myself, in all that i do, once that ink or lead leaves the tip of my instrument, settles into the contours of the pressed paper, and travels on to the thud, thud, clank, clunk of the printing press: it’s out of my hands.

and, hopefully, into yours.


IMG_2844the architecture of the cocktail, illustrated by melissa wood, written by amy zavatto

fall is my favorite season, so i find it especially appropriate that this gorgeous creation, thanks to harpercollins uk & race point publishing, will land on book shop shelves this month, arriving just in time to warm up with an evening cocktail on a cool, blustery eve.



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