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From heart-experience, and in humblest sense
Of Modesty, that he, who in his youth
A daily wanderer among woods and fields
With living Nature hath been intimate,
Not only in that raw unpractised time
Is stirred to ecstasy, as others are,
By glittering verse but further, doth receive,
In measure only dealt out to himself, 
Knowledge and increase of enduring joy
From the great Nature that exists in works 
Of mighty Poets.

William Wordsworth

As a student of architecture and design, I have always been drawn to blueprints. Originating in the late 19th century, the title describes “the original process in which prints were composed of white lines on a blue ground or of blue lines on a white ground.” When I was in graduate school, and then later working in architectural firms, I was constantly dashing to pick up prints. Although we called them ‘blueprints’, to me, disappointingly so, they were actually black ink printed on stark white paper. Just not the same!

Recently, I thought to combine my love of blueprints with my yen for travel. Why not? Choosing from an arbitrary variety of American cities, I was mesmerized when creating this series, compelled by each puzzle-like pattern of man-made grid systems balanced by the organic shapes of the natural river, lake, or ocean coastline.

Select from this gallery to order your unframed print. Or click on the link below to be redirected to my Square store. And if you don’t see your favorite city, just let me know. I’ll definitely be adding to this collection with some new destinations! After all, my pen is always ready to travel.

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…is a very very very fine house.”

In tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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