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“… now I say it less in words and more silently in work.”

– Vincent van Gogh


Today’s commission for FRANCE Magazine finds me searching for wonderful imagery of Arles, France, the town nestled in a beautiful region south of cold, grey Paris, where Vincent van Gogh lived for nearly two prolific years.

I know how Vincent felt!

Looking out of my studio doors, it’s hard to see where snowy fields and the foggy sky divide: there is no discernible differentiation between the two. The only break in color is the inky bent black lines of bare tree branches, with an occasional, and most welcome, bright red dot of a feeding cardinal. Ah, Spring, when will you come to call?

So, as I brew another cup of strong coffee, pens & paper by my side, pardon me as I whisk my wool-wrapped winter imagination off to sunny climes, the earthy palette of the great Impressionists, and bien sûr: très belle Provence.


I love New York and I love Nora Ephron.

“The terrain of New York is such that a resident sometimes travels farther, in the end, than a commuter. Irving Berlin’s journey from Cherry Street in the lower East Side to an apartment uptown was through an alley and was only three or four miles in length; but it was like going three times around the world.”

E. B. White, Here is New York


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