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Thanks to clever friend Alexandra for spying my cutie pie blue cocktail book in this brilliant & bright @modernbarcart  Instagram post. I’m super biased when it comes to thinking that The Architecture of the Cocktail is a fine good looking book, but in this particular shot, it’s never looked better! Everything in this yummy photoshoot screams Spring. Cheers!

The Architecture of the Cocktail photo by @modernbarcart


As the radiant and peppy Meghan Markle has added her sparkle to Chicago this weekend (though sorry to say our weather was a bit unwelcoming but ah, her coats!), it seemed fitting to sketch a little something in commemoration of where this terrific Northwestern University gal is heading. Here’s to her historic walk down the aisle and a big bright beautifully happy future with darling Harry. And as we’re in official countdown mode to the Royal Wedding, watch this space for overflowing Anglophilia!

*Definition of Anglophilia. : unusual admiration or partiality for England, English ways, or things English. (Yep, that’s me)

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