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Cityscape Architectural Prints


As luck would have it, for those of you hankering to own one of my black & white architectural sketches, I’ve got a collection here in the studio for sale. And, as always, I’m happy to take commissions for custom illustration. Just pop an email my way, and I’ll to work.

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Rummaging around my studio is always a bit of a surprise party for me. After illustrating all sorts for nearly 30 years, there’s bound to be a sketch book or file box brimming with drawings that I’d totally forgotten about.

20+ nifty file boxes, a dozen 3-ring binders, 2 huge gig separate hard drives, half a dozen jump drives (forget the floppy discs: those went out in the trash last decade!) and an uncounted number of moleskin sketch books sit stacked hither and yon, filled with my work. One day, there’ll be a massive creative effort to collate, label and catalogue everything I’ve sketched. But in the meantime, and at the amusement of my three kids, my ‘system’ here is the best that I can do.

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