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i like to draw


Next up for the fun-thrilled ride of seeing my name in books comes the first of a series.

A series, you say?


My love of travel, cultures and discovery, combined with the itch to sketch and, in the words of the great band, Chicago, “Color My World”, has come together in this out-of-my-mind cool book. In humble obeisance to my fantastic editor and her team of talented, merry collaborators, my advance copy landed at my snowy doorstep last week and I am still mind-boggled over what a gorgeous, clever, handy & culturally informative tome this beauty is.


Montmartre Wanderings

Montmartre Wanderings 



The second best thing to being in Paris is to be interviewed for a Parisian Publication, oui?

Here’s a peek into the making of Citysketch Paris, courtesy of the fabulous Guide2Paris, which includes a few snapshots of our family adventure along the Seine in 2012.


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