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The Architecture of the ShotFrom Alabama Slammer to Zoot Suit Riot, Architecture of the Shot is your fun and informative guide to 75 perfectly crafted shots and shooters. Become the master of the shot and let’s get this party started!

The perfect house begins with a blueprint and a dream, and the perfect shot should start the same way! The Architecture of the Shot will reveal the answers to all of your burning shot and shooter queries and more. Focusing on the precise measurements to help you craft the perfect shot as well as the recommend garnish and embellishments, you’ll no longer have to guess what the perfect shooter should taste like.

Laying out the exact measurements from the bottom of your shot glass to the top, you’ll discover the order which you should layer your liquors, the precise measurements needed, and even recommended brands.

Drink expert Paul Knorr provides you with 75 different shot and shooter recipes while Melissa Wood illustrates unique blueprint-inspired designs (including specifications, notes, and embellishments), making this the perfect gift for the party lover in your life. Don’t waste another minute on watered-down shots. Become a shot master with this beautifully illustrated guide.

Product Details

ISBN: 9780007944927
ISBN 10: 0007944926
Imprint: Harper Collins
On Sale: 22/10/2015

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