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She takes my breath away. Happy Birthday to my 22 year old baby Corey who burst into this world like dynamite. Loving, feisty, beautiful, curious, ambitious, purposeful, hilarious, courageous, uninhibited, rubber-faced, resourceful, sneaky, loyal, fun, rambunctious, tender, brave and with a profound power. I’m a very lucky mom. Here’s 22 years of thank you for …

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   To Hallie at 23. Lightly we row, hand in hand, sweet yellow curls. Wait. Breathe those colors patterning tiny leaves, Revel in the silence, Praise the miracles. And yet, always mated to this Beautiful Universe. Trusting. Hopeful. Endearing. Her vibrancy fusing moment to moment, Soft chubby hands into spider fingers, Tracing the lines of  …

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