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They say that there’s a first for everything.

For me, a “pinch me” moment, was the publishing of a book with not only my name, but also pages, pages and pages of my illustrations. Glory be. You live long enough, and super cool things are bound to happen to you!

At this writing, six years after the autumn when I posted this bit about The Architecture of the Cocktail, I’ve felt the same thrumming anticipation, mind-numbing at times, as more books, illustrated by M. Wood, have landed with a thump on my mudroom deck, courtesy of the brown-shorted UPS delivery man. (Even in winter) Another delicous thrill is to see that the books that I’ve illustrated are, literally, sold in book shops the whole world over. Pretty darn cool.

From October, 2013:

I’ve long been a fan of kitschy, retro, vintage barware, so my advice is to start a little treasure hunt of your own.  The character of this book is to harken back to those lovely, dress up, sophisticated days when a cocktail was not only a work of art, but a savored mix of flavors worthy of the gloves, gabardine and silk worn by the drinker. Double the fun when paired with a fedora or a string of pearls.

Mix it up a bit, and start your own collection: garage sales, flea markets, ebay, estate sales, and the little hidden away antique shops that beckon you: all hold a treasure trove of vintage barware, shakers, shot glasses, stemware and more. The kookier, the better. Raise your glasses to style, panache, sophistication and the sparkling times gone by.


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