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  The second best thing to being in Paris is to be interviewed for a Parisian Publication, oui? Here’s a peek into the making of Citysketch Paris, courtesy of the fabulous Guide2Paris, which includes a few snapshots of our family adventure along the Seine in 2012. http://www.guide2paris.com/news/83834/Paris-Books—Interview-with-Melissa-Wood-illustrator-of-Citysketch-Paris  

No, I’m not at all intimidated. Why would I? As I finish up a written interview for Guide2Paris, a fabulous online magazine that is “all things Paris” for those of us who speak English best, I reached the final query. “Where can readers buy Citysketch Paris?” Never one to slack on the last question (although …

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anybody else out there old enough to miss the satisfying ‘snap-snap’ of a suitcase? the sound that used to signify that the goods were folded, bundled, ribbon-tied and secured? that metal-upon-metal ‘click’ that moved you to swing the case up, grab a hold of the worn leather handle, and, with a ticket to some marvelous …

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