m wood pen

i like to draw

north pole central


north pole central

if it’s written, it must be true, right?

thrilled to see that my “north pole” holiday bedding for garnet hill is back for another year! nothing like snuggling up in bed, fire crackling in the hearth, wrapped in rich portuguese cotton, dreaming of santa, those zany elves and the bustling workshop!

to order, visit garnet hill.

1990: a very fruitful year


hot chocolate a paris


chocolateto no one’s surprise, all of this parisian-themed sketching has got me hankering to hop on a jet plane, wander around cobbled streets, feast on some steak frites, and get lost in the depths of a marvelous history.

to sublimate, as i am a time-worn expert, i’ve dialed my pandora to charles aznavour, netflix to anything with daniel auteuil, bookstack to anything world war two set in france, and my kitchen clock to fromage.

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