m wood pen


So much has been happening that I forgot how much I love creating greeting cards. With this fresh revelation, I whipped up thirty four art + copy concepts last weekend to send to a major player. Fingers crossed that they decide to license my designs!

Some folks like to get awayTake a holiday from the neighbourhoodHop a flight to Miami BeachOr to HollywoodBut I’m taking a GreyhoundOn the Hudson River LineI’m in a New York state of mindI’ve seen all the movie starsIn their fancy cars and their limousinesBeen high in the Rockies under the evergreensBut I know what I’m …

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Look! The grey brown of old man winter is being swallowed by the color of buds pushing up through the soil; the sun catches hues of sparkle in the wings of birds fighting over my meager offerings; hope is galloping our way in the glorious warm winds wafting and dodging through the blossoming trees.