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This weekend my daughter and her husband (!) hopped aboard the Amtrak train for an out-of-town wedding.

An ingenious and economical plan, for sure. And based on a previous family vacation, all aboard Amtrak to D.C, when she and her sister found the food situation so dire they shared a “frozen” tuna fish salad sandwich…this time she knew to pack a hearty snack!

Thus my sketch was inspired: if only the glamour of train travel matched the good old days or even the modern ones across the pond where an espresso or baguette avec Fromage was on hand for sophisticated and hungry travelers. Porters were on call with those darling caps, women dressed in beautiful dresses, and men wore hats! And be still my heart, imagine if again majestic train stations were styled to evoke the mystery and magic of new vistas and travel.

I’m keeping up as best as I can with this high-speed world, but will be frank about how much I miss the manners, dignity, and style of the decades in the early and mid-twentieth century. Onward we go, but this gal will keep alive the vanishing “look” of how things were by way of my sketches.

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