m wood pen

i like to draw

I love weddings. I’ve had the honor of designing wedding pieces for a fabulously creative bundle of brides. The goal is always the same: to capture their dreams onto paper. Or matchboxes, signature cocktails, and swag. All I need is your color palette, my pen, your story, your vision, and away we go.

At the risk of sounding ridiculously cliché, time is FLYING by. No idea whatsoever how 27 years have passed since I met this darling fireball of a baby girl. Not only did she just get married and rule the beachside resort craft center during her Cancun honeymoon by instructing the instructor as to how to …

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The setting: Washington D.C. The client: A darling couple, brilliant, bespoke, sophisticated and fun The project: Design unique wedding invitations, event postcard, map, itinerary, thank you cards & a Shaker wedding contract The challenge: Keep it whimsical but also posh. Also, include the dog! The mother of the bride: My best (totally wacky) college friend …

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