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Corey’s 27th Birthday House

At the risk of sounding ridiculously cliché, time is FLYING by. No idea whatsoever how 27 years have passed since I met this darling fireball of a baby girl. Not only did she just get married and rule the beachside resort craft center during her Cancun honeymoon by instructing the instructor as to how to weave a bracelet she also found the time to land a new job. Wow!

Corey has spent every amazing, passionate, hilarious, and loving moment of her life spreading joy, laughter, vacation binders, meal prep, family operations leadership (starting at age 5), plus the warmth and enthusiasm that make us all the better. She also found the most lovely man to marry. Seeing my child so in love, and with such a loving, loyal, and playful husband is the best gift in the world to this old mom. Happy Birthday to you, Corey. Here is your sunny yellow house, adorned proudly with your new name!

So much love and decades and decades of joy to you my little one! xoxo

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