m wood pen

i like to draw

When I was a kid, treats consisted of a baggie of croutons or sliced tomatoes. was obsessed with candy, so I saved all of my coins to spend on penny candy at Ben Franklin. To me, this was paradise!

One day, unable to get a ride into town from my very busy mom, (who was working on her Master’s Degree in Anthropology, running the show of 5 kids, 3 horses, 5 dogs, and an unknown number of cats, I decided to create my own Candy Factory!

Ripping out a sheet of tin foil, I liberally sprinkled sugar on it and cranked the oven to HIGH, melting the heck out of it!

This was the time before smoke detectors, which gave me the liberty to melt it all into one huge sheet. And also fill the kitchen with a dank smoke! Pulling my concoction out of the oven, I set it to cool, then broke the brown glassine stuff into shards of delicious goodness.

Addiction was satisfied, but the cookie sheet was destroyed.

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