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Once, while carrying my t-square & drafting portfolio on the 151 bus as we rambled our way along Michigan Avenue towards my graduate school classrooms, daydreaming, I noticed a familiar face out of the window. Dodging traffic, clutching her camel-hair coat closed against the windy city, and clutching a manilla envelope, Oprah Winfrey, the newly minted morning talk show host, jaywalking. In a hurry.

Years and years and years later, swaddled amidst that same Chicago architecture that first piqued my inspiration to study the world of structure and habitat, design and beehive, I’ve watched life careen by, like that rush hour traffic along the Magnificent Mile.

Three children, grown. Notecard empire, flourished, even netting me Oprah’s Favorite Thing of 1999. Crate & Barrel, yep. Nordstrom, Neiman-Marcus, Trader Joe’s, Garnet Hill, check. MTV Awards, Emmy’s, Sundance, Country Music Awards, The Oscars Gift Basket: who hasn’t clutched, owned, read, written on or re-gifted an m. wood creation? Clients and projects extraordinaire, a flurry of life, paper, pen, inspiration, recycled bins & bling ping zing of the digital dashboards that now organize, create and connect my brain to the world.

Most of the time I’m tearing through the minutes, making as much of the ticking clock as I can muster, be in swimming in my happiest days with my once little ones, leaping into a new sketch or making furious notes about the newest brilliant idea that just popped into my head.

But on mornings like this, when the house is quiet, the dogs are still curled up and snoring, when I have the glorious treat of having 2 of my 3 children here at home, still abed after a late night of Shondaland, with a fresh warm mug of coffee by my side, I tilt towards my rearview mirror and wonder at it all.

So, with java raised towards the southeast, to that city where it all started, here’s to you. Here’s for landing me on my feet, keeping me moving, keeping me inspired, driven, creative, idea-hungry, nourished and climbing, always climbing.

And, ArchDaily. Thank you. It’s an honor.

How Do Architects Mix Shots? With Blueprints of Course.

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