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PresseNo, I’m not at all intimidated. Why would I?

As I finish up a written interview for Guide2Paris, a fabulous online magazine that is “all things Paris” for those of us who speak English best, I reached the final query. “Where can readers buy Citysketch Paris?”

Never one to slack on the last question (although the BBQ Ribs that are simmering in my oven are causing a gigantic distraction to my ability to conjure up bon mots and witty, pithy, wordy replies, I thought it would be fun to list a global assortment of book shops to help demonstrate the global appeal of this little travel sketch book.

Still distracted by the fact that I just remembered that there’s also a mushroom spinach soufflé in the very same oven, I set about a Google search: “Where can I buy Citysketch Paris while in France”.

This search pulled up a large, though totally unhelpful, bunch of links.

So, using my Liberal Arts degree from Cornell College, as well as just general geographic knowledge I’ve picked u over the decades of my meandering yet interesting life, I created a more direct Google search.

Helsinki, would you believe it? Yep, got the book right up there amidst other things that I do not understand as I do not in any way speak the language. I don’t even recognize much of the punctuation, but if I were go guess and cull some of the geography I’ve studied, I’ll wager a guess that my years spent driving a Saab might come to play should I want to impress anyone in this court.

I spotted the rascal, too, in the book shop of The National. Now we’re talking: no sign of slumming when it comes to Paris, the City of Lights, Croissant and Catherine Deneuve, right? In my best moments of conjuring up fantastic fantasies, I envision one of the Princes (of Windsor fame, rather than Minneapolis and Purple Rain), thumbing through a copy some evening in Black Tie when bored by champagne and lured to the shop by the fanciful illustrations of the book jacket.

But where was I?

Yes, Paris.

Since this interview is for a Parisian publication, it makes the most sense to provide them with a Parisian book shop, oui?

Thank goodness for the Google, as all of this can be attained while barely moving. But, I’ve gotta tell you, that aroma is becoming beastfully hard to ignore, as I type and boastfully report this very cool discovery that I am about to disclose:

My little book, ah yes, our little book, our little Citysketch Paris, stuffed-full of colorful illustrations whipped up IN THIS VERY ROOM IN WHICH I SIT AND SMELL BBQ RIBS, is being sold in Librairie Galignani: “The First English Bookshop established on the continent”.

Oh, that.

I’m not sure if I’m bragging, well, maybe about the savories roasting now in my oven, but more like, reporting. That, gosh darn it, really cool things happen. Amazing, really. One step from the 1st English Bookshop? Established on the Continent? Really?

So, kids, if you’re reading this, take it from me. The slightest tilt of the wheel of life, that you’re driving yourself, can aim you in incredible directions. Be like me, make sure you enjoy every single kookie, unplanned step of the way, but also this, if you do, insert cliche, follow your passions, your gut, your whimsy, you never know where you may end up.




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