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Wrytewood Notes

From the travels of m wood pen

In a nod to my earlier life as the owner & designer of a pretty cool stationery company, I created this boutique line of travel notes in a fit of nostalgia to reaffirm my belief that notes written by hand matter. Yes, we love our fancy gadgets that ring, zing & entertain, but there’s just no emotive longevity in an email, text, or message.

Call it an evaporation of emotion. Or the ghosting of memories.

The sentiments and physical essence of a note covered by ink and a familiar handwriting is sensory and strong. Pen dashed across paper in earnest communication is the kind of storytelling I believe in. Tangible; an exchange of thoughts; scratched remembrances; anecdotes or sentiments; a favorite family recipe; the color of the ink; an enclosed pressed flower; a spritz of fragrance; choosing a stamp; carrying the missive to the postbox. And then, waiting. Ah!

Welcome to Wrytewood. Notes worth sending around the world.

Sold exclusively in sets of 250 notes w/matching envelopes. Custom illustrations are available as always, as well as personalization.

Contact me directly to order.

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