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Ink gets in your veins

Becoming the owner + designer of M. Wood Studio, a nationally beloved stationery company, was a total fluke. Some of the most delicious and exciting years of my creative life, I ran that gem of a biz from my house while raising three terrific children. The nostalgia for those years never fades.

After broadening my career into book illustration and licensing my art with major retailers, I felt ready to return to designing gorgeous notes to reaffirm my belief that correspondence written by hand matter. Thus, I created Wrytewood, a limited edition line of travel notes. It was a joy and comfort to live amidst stacks of sturdy notecards! I loved the response and glee from loyal customers, friends, and strangers who wrote lovely notes on those lovely cards. While I’ve sold all that remain, I do have a few thoughts about why writing notes by hand matter.

We love our fancy gadgets that ring, zing & entertain, but there’s no emotive longevity in an email, text, or message. The sentiments and physical essence of a note covered by ink and a familiar handwriting is sensory and strong. Pen dashed across paper in earnest communication is the kind of storytelling I believe in. Tangible; an exchange of thoughts; scratched remembrances; a recipe dashed out in my mother’s oh so familiar hand; anecdotes or sentiments; a favorite family recipe; the color of the ink; an enclosed pressed flower; a spritz of fragrance; choosing a stamp; carrying the missive to the postbox. And then, waiting. Ah!

Enjoy my little gallery below which shows my latest line of travel notes in action, and remember: keep writing!

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