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quebec city sketch

quebec city sketch

i’d forgotten about this nifty daily bread format on my blog!

way back in the ice ages when i started this rascal, i challenged myself to post once a day.

so much for promises. i know i gave it a good try initially, but the creative part of me revolted against the repetition of a set schedule, and i soon veered off towards erratic posts, sometimes only just an image or sketch to tide over my compulsion to pay attention to this aspect of my social media world.

it’s funny, to rebel against oneself, isn’t it?

anyway, part of why i love my work so much is that i never have two days that match: even now, one foot in the past, another in the future, with stacks of sketches and projects awaiting my attention. wouldn’t have it any other way.

so, this blog of mine. i don’t want to look at it like a ball and chain, or god forbid, a chore–so my time spent here heretofore will be on a voluntary basis. when the mood strikes, and only when i have something of merit, curiosity or fun to share.

today, here is what is happening.

i snacked on oddly delicious roasted thin, salted green beans (like health-nut french fries) as i sketched several canadian-themed illustrations.  fingers crossed that they lead to yet another book!

i also drew my sweet alma-mater college commons, a major renovation to be dedicated next month. i have been commissioned to create the commemorative gift! will be certain to leave out all indications that i spent much of my college years in a bar.

next up: a space-planning project for an arts/theatre building. time to doll the place up, and i’m honing my interior architecture/design skills to make these public spaces really pop.

news came yesterday via the very friendly internet that FRANCE magazine would love the addition of some m wood french-themed illustrations to include in their wonderful publication.

more news, an imminent interview (again, thank you internet…because of you i never have to leave my studio) with a super-cool website: Paris Guide. thank the lord, and m. schnurlein, madame et les autres professors, for throwing french lessons to me all of those years ago.

custom commissions are lining up, and next up is a long, long, long illustration of marvelous manhattan from the shores of brooklyn.

see how i feel like i’m always traveling?

more in store, more to come, but that’s plenty for today. duran duran and my 80s london calling mix is doing dj duty today, and the tempo is keeping my pen flying across the page.



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