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Letter writing is an art form, so why not write on a one-of-a-kind piece of art? Shop now at the m wood pen store

The life of a freelance illustrator is akin to being on a permanent job hunt. My cottage industry, started on a whim, is a proverbial revolving door, with projects and new clients flying in and out, delivering a query, a challenge, some inspiration, plenty of enthusiasm and eventually, a check in the mail. Whimsy, luck, …

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It seemed right to launch my new travel notes company, WRYTEWOOD, in an outrageously fun way.  So, drum roll, please!  Celebrities. Red carpet. The Paparazzi. The MTV Movie Awards 2016. And a Celebrity Gift Bag worth writing home about, featuring scads of really fab swag, including a swanky, wanderlust-inspired box of WRYTEWOOD notes.  Notes worth …

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