m wood pen

i like to draw

“Miss Petitfour loved the little pictures, each in its own serrated frame and each seeming to tell it’s own little story.” ― Anne Michaels, The Adventures of Miss Petitfour  

i’ve always had a love affair with letters. stamps. postmarks. there was a day, seems unfathomable, when a hand-written compulsion to say something to someone, drew into action a literal labor of love:  nib to ink well, carefully formed script etched across sturdy thick paper, blotted to keep the words from melting as the paper …

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i’m messing around in somebody else’s memories. a few weeks ago, while wasting time on e-bay, i was compelled to bid on, and then subsequently, pay for, two hundred slides, circa 1965.  from england. what can i say?  i actually thought it would be super cool to see europe from that era through the lens …

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