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I’m getting sappy. Yes, I picked some ripe pine cones from our ancient white pine tree that creaks and sways over our country lodge, leaving my fingers sticky with the fragrant essence of winter. But I’m also sappy over the whole season that is sitting right in front of me. Growing up with traditions of …

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Happy Christmas, London. Hats off to my pal @diaryofalondoness for inspiring this Merry, Bright + Londony sketch for her Christmas banner. Let the festivities, whirligigs, preparations and parties begin!

My 1st love is Hollywood. A misstep of my youth diverted me from climbing the ranks to becoming a studio big player. Well, at least in my dreams. My children, poor lucky things, have grown up in a house where the only Super Bowls to sparkle on the telly are The Oscars, Screen Actors Guild …

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