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freelance illustrator

VICTORIAN HOUSEArchitecture is one of my greatest loves.

Sketching subjects made of wood, brick, mortar, shingles, glass and steel is a treat.

Ever since I owned my first house, I’ve loved commissions for House Portraits, trying my best to capture the love we all pour into our lives within the walls of our treasured homes via pen & ink.

Available as original art on archival paper & canvas as well as printed on flat & folded notes.


House Portrait Notes

100 Small Flat Notes $250
100 Small Folded Notes $350
100 Large Folded Notes $400

House Portrait Original Art (unframed)

Black Line Ink House Portrait on Archival Paper $10/Lineal Inch
Watercolor House Portrait on Archival Paper $20/Lineal Inch
Oil Painting House Portrait on Canvas $30/Lineal Inch
(i.e. 8×10 Watercolor Portrait, add 8+10, multiply lineal inch total (18)
by cost per lineal inch (20) to come to your total: $360.00.)

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