m wood pen

i like to draw

I love this so much that it’s crazy and would love to share it worldwide. Looking for a partnership to license this poster for reproduction and distribution. And more than happy to create similar for major cities around the globe. Track me down. M.

The m wood elves are putting together a festive stash of merry loot! Link posting soon to my online shop. Ho Ho Ho! If you’re in a hurry, send me a message for details or to order now. m wood Christmas Variety Giftwrap. set of 10 11×17 sheets. m wood Architectural Guide to New York. …

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The longer I live, the faster the vanishing act becomes. My vintage illustration style is my meager way to capture the way things used to look throughout and even before 1959 when my life began. The aesthetic of machinery, materials, technology, methods of communication, clothing, hats, housewares, and transportation was grand, solid, and iconic. A …

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