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“Someone’s having a party!”, says the chummy, rosy-cheeked check out lady in a pivotal scene in Nancy Meyer’s beloved (at least in our house, we watch it on a monthly basis) holiday rom-com, “The Holiday”.

If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list, as it’s a magic-making, house-hopping, true-love finding lark with Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, bespectacled Jude Law, adorably vulnerable, wise Eli Wallach and two little British girls who absolutely melt my heart.

But, back to the point.

Yes, someone IS having a party- on the internet!

One cool & upbeat review after another is making this red beauty of a book, The Architecture of the Shot, the go-to-guest on blogs, hip *the term that pre-dates the more modern expression hipster* sites, and wildly cool stores. Maybe the combination of Santa red, images of swirling cocktails in our collective dreams and the homage to vintage architectural drawings have created a vortex where inimitable style seekers, the ones who favor structure, design, and a fedora, collectively gather to raise their glasses.

Here’s to you, @6sqft. Welcome aboard.


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