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Career highlight? This comes pretty close. Here’s a gallery of photos from the incredible collaboration I was invited to join for the gorgeous new Baccarat bar at HARRODS in London. Creating hand-drawn architectural illustrations of cocktails served in Baccarat crystal glassware for the beautiful bar menu in collaboration with a global team of fantastic folks, I grabbed my vintage architectural drawing gear and got to work! Hilarity, metric conversions, long distance phone calls, late night emails from England, Iceland and France made for such a happy project. Thank you Gorgeous Group, Scott Wittman, Cameron Attfield, Stevie Kane, Lucy Wheeler, Fabled Studio, Royal College of Art, Baccarat, Harrods, Branding Design, We Love Branding, and Dayfold Print. 

“What emotions do you associate with colour and what do they communicate to you?

For the menu design at Baccarat Bar located at the lower ground floor of Harrods, we had the unique challenge of bringing the emotions of colour to life and relating them to cocktails. Our objective for the bar was to create a stylish, innovative drinks led concept destination in Knightsbridge that appealed to the discerning London and international bar scene with the potential to feature on the World’s Top 50 bar list. We also needed to acknowledge the history of both Harrods and Baccarat and be at the forefront of the new generation of food and drink offering at the iconic department store.

Our modern understanding of light and colour begins with Isaac Newton and a series of experiments that he published in 1672. He was the first to understand the rainbow, refracting white light with a prism, resolving it into its component colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. We used his colour theory as a stepping stone and divided the menu into 8 sections. Each section of the menu included a piece of bespoke artwork created for us by students at the Royal College of Art to represent emotions or qualities associated with that colour.

These colours and emotions were then translated into a singular drinking experience: an expertly crafted cocktail, harnessing groundbreaking techniques, served in a specially selected Baccarat glass created by award-winning bar manager @CameronAttfield and @StevieKane_

Super talented illustrator from Chicago @mwoodpen recreated drawings of the Baccarat glassware and the opulent decor was created by @Fabled_Studio.

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