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A thrill to see my illustration for André Mack featured in Esquire Magazine

There’s a hilarious line from Legally Blonde which has become a “go to” expression for my kids and me. In a pivotal scene where Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character, Elle Woods, is checking in at Harvard Law School, she runs into her former boyfriend, Warner. Feigning shock, she calls out, “You GO here?”

The punch line of course is that we know that our heroine has been scheming, studying and striving to be accepted at law school ONLY to get a proposal out of this guy. Which of course, well, I won’t give it away.

You see, once I’ve finished a project I never know where it might end up. So spying this beauty, one of my favorite renderings ever pop up in an Esquire feature for the 20 best restaurants of 2020, I was terrifically surprised.

Now all that’s left for me to do is to head to NYC to feast at sommelier André Hueston Mack’s ham and wine bar “And Sons” and to check out that gorgeous meat slicer in person.

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