m wood pen

i like to draw

I’ve always had this thing for textiles + patterns. No matter where I am, and my kids will swear to the veracity of this statement, I’ll grab some object adoringly, not for its design or function, but for the material encasing it. Like clockwork, I announce, “This would make a gorgeous pillow!”
I’m a freak about making patterns from the sketches that I draw by hand {the old-fashioned way} here in my studio. Back in the early days, I’d make Xerox copies of my sketch, cut, glue stick paste them in tidy rows and columns, then squish the collage with a big fat art book so it would dry flat. Seems so archaic, doesn’t it? BECAUSE IT WAS ;)
I still sketch by hand, but now with my jazzy scanner, self-taught image editing skills (rudimentary at best), and beloved MacBook, I can cut and paste to my heart’s content without ever getting sticky fingers!
Today seems like a good day to showcase some of my favs: a happy pattern parade!
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