m wood pen

i like to draw


Challenge: Create a personalized border for a 6″ x 9′ Christmas letter to illustrate the wonderful highlights of 2017 for a new fabulous client.

Requirements: Sketch + layout imagery to signify a new job, a new city, a European adventure, a new neighborhood and two adored cats.

Creative Laboratory: To create an uncluttered but festive border, in lieu of the traditional garland or pine boughs, use a merry pattern of the red star of the Chicago flag; balance the iconic Eiffel Tower with Logan Square monument; whip up a retro Elevated train car and TWA jet in an ode to my nostalgic tendencies; balance the powerful towers of the Chicago lakefront with the earthy stucco of the coast of Sicily; and don the kitties in merry, mirthful wreaths.

Tada! A happy afternoon of sketching for me, and a very joyful client. Thanks, C.R.


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