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As I round the corner to my oldest child’s birthday, 27 years of indelible, magic moments crush to the front of my mind. Saving the soliloquy which will cite my total adoration of him for the actual day, my attention is aimed first to a creative, colorful bent.

Long gone are the days of baby booties, goodie bags, stealth trips to the toy store, stashing unwrapped gifts in the trunk of my car, pirate treasure hunts, surprise parties, and a crepe-paper festooned house. Instead, I’ve kicked in a little tradition which suits my sensibilities and honors my children as they cross the threshold to each new year.

Kicking around my home studio, and seeing that I own about 379 magic markers; 78 fine-tipped black drawing pens; a rolling cart stuffed with watercolor paints, brushes & paper; t-squares, trace, triangles, and all sorts of architectural tools, it makes sense to make rather than buy. Create rather than choose. Design rather than shop.

So, as a ridiculously proud mother, as well as an addict of architecture and travel, it’s only natural that my time stamp for N, H, & C is in the guise of a personalized storefront drawing which evokes the year we’re bidding adieu to, merging with the next to fill with wonder, adventure & love.

Coming soon, one more storefront in our little town.



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