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Nothing says Scotland more than tartan, a flask & these Eilean Donan Castle
Notes. My affinity for travel, notecards & sketching combine in this lovely vignette. Truth be told, taking this photograph makes me want to grab my passport and valise, dash to the airport and fly to the wondrous, magical, mystical lands of Scotland.

Since that’s not in the cards for me at the moment, I’ll make a cozy fire in my wood burning stove, wrap my tartan plaid scarf around my neck (what a terrific souvenir that was from my zany driving trip through Scotland in ’12 that had my children praying for their lives as we navigated from coast to coast on the other side of the road, mom at the wheel!)

My line of travel notes make smashing gifts, and since Christmas is around the corner, I’m going to be featuring some of my favorites each day with you. Nifty thought, they fit nicely in stockings!

Travel on, Write on!


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