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My kids can tell you this: our 26-year-old, heavy-duty tape dispenser is stashed atop the microwave; rolls of colorful packing tissue are piled beneath my drafting table, lined up like good little soldiers; and cleverly arranged in a pseudo-warehouse aka garage, a few feet from our nifty little Jeep Renegade aka the car made in Italy, is a stack of various-sized corrugated boxes. UPS, come and get ’em!

It’s always been this way: babies, toddlers, grade-middle-high-college schoolers went hand-in-hand with dashing to package and ship boxed notes, commissioned house portraits, personalized stationery, books, posters and original art. Gift wrap, bubble wrap, a beloved Ribbon Center and lots and lots of hand-written enclosure notes.

Working from home has been the surprise delight of my life.

Snapshots vary from watching my then 7-year-old daughter blush with pride while opening a note with a gold dollar coin from a grateful customer; my then 5 year old youngest’s playday consisting of taking imaginary phone orders from Oprah while feeding a baby doll and making my lunch; and my super fast soccer son dashing out to chase the UPS truck with yet another box of packed goods to ship off to the points unknown of yet another loyal m wood pen customer.

Prepping happily for our 27th season of packing and shipping, here’s a big box of creative appreciation filled with love, zest, gratitude and always a handy aroma of coffee to keep our tickers going. wrytewood-jotter-logo

And, in homage to my humble beginnings of running a little notecard empire from my basement, it’s my honor to announce the (re)launch of my boxed notecard business. New name, but same pen and with a yen for travel.

Ladies & Gentlemen, here you are: WRYTEWOOD Travel Inspired Boxed Notes in beautiful technicolor. Thanks to my amazing website designer, Ron Weebly, for a thrilling collaboration, Hallie for those hilarious photoshoots and needle in a haystack edits, and Noel & Corey for their remote via satellite votes, art direction and high fives.

Welcome to Wrytewood


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