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Thinking of Proust and those Madeleines as I ponder my summer wanderings.

Not so much when I was younger, but after my first trip to Europe, a new tug on the compass has aimed my travels in the direction of not only new vistas, histories, cultures, topography and architecture, but also decidely: food.

Remembering the first hot bite of a shepherd’s pie devoured at a pub in London washed greedily down with an ale; the tangy bite of a sample slice of an enormous wheel of cheese in Scotland; the garlic & smoked flavors dancing about while munching on my very first prosciutto, roasted red peppers, eggplant & basil pane con olive in Venice.

This Rolodex of flavors interspersed with dots on the map have called me to return to places, not necessarily to return to the past, but more to enrich my present and shore up my future with fresh memories of delicate, boastful and surprising riches from gardens, bistros & kitchens.

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