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My 1st love is Hollywood.

img_3124A misstep of my youth diverted me from climbing the ranks to becoming a studio big player.

Well, at least in my dreams.

My children, poor lucky things, have grown up in a house where the only Super Bowls to sparkle on the telly are The Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Awards and The Golden Globes.

Our language is peppered with never-ending quotes from favorite movies, characters or pivotal scenes. In our very own mysterious way of communication, we are completely incapable of excluding reference to at least one Hollywood-related additive, anecdote or bon mot.

And so, fair to say, books hold just as much of a thrall over us, and the big kahunaesque joy that comes from finding adored books flipped into even more adoring movies just gets us delirious. Palpably.

Today is indeed a day where I’ll seek “dark corners for dark deeds”, a much-loved dodgy quote from Alan Rickman’s foolhardy wayward husband in Richard Curtis’ “Love Actually”.

Though he’s a rascal who breaks Emma Thompson’s heart, bitterly, I might add, while Joni Mitchell croons in the background, I love him still.

And just last night, while guiding my 23-year-old daughter through her first complete viewing of Downton Abbey in its entirety, (we’re in the thick of WW I), compared the villian/hero comparison of seeing beneath the surface of Thomas, the evil butler, former footman, to our oft-misunderstood beloved Severus Snape.

And now, this.

Crying over coffee, casting a spell on us all, you rakish man.


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