m wood pen

i like to draw

 Pointing the diving rod towards the essence of our nourishment here in my petite famille – caught in sight would be a kaleidoscopic stone soup brimming over with color, texture, culture, pastoral, city energy, farm calm, sputtering nature, & flip flip flipping pages of book after book. 

We’d be mired in fragrant garlic, onions, lavender & coffee. Our fingers stained from red roots and buttery toast.
As luck or order of creatives and curious would have it, my three children are foodies. Travelers. Eyes and ears topped towards both the ancient and the blue passports eager to be stamped.. 

A solid kitchen board, gleaming knives, smattering of chopped greens tossed aside, the colors of the cooking music an apropos theme to accompany the flavorful chatter of our petite famille. 

Essenes, rue, heart. 

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