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Highclere Castle Detail 2012

Highclere Castle Detail

Last night, I had a strong craving.

Not what you’d expect. It wasn’t for an epicurean feast, or a rare wine, or a spicy Bloody Mary.

Wrapped up after a long days work, clicker poised towards the television, dogs tucked in and cat off to regions unknown, I eschewed the line up in my DVR and longed instead for a strong dose of history.

Military, WW1 or 2, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Parisian Expats. It didn’t matter.

I needed a ‘hit’ and I needed it now.

After a bit of looking, I landed squarely onto the History Channel’s menu and began scrolling. No, not quite, no way, maybe, oh, don’t think so…and then, Bingo!

Thomas Jefferson.

I pushed “play”, leaned back, swimming in the world of our Founding Fathers, soaking up one of my favorite and most powerful elixirs of joy: good old history.

So tonight, switching nations and eras, but eager to dive into period drama that is akin to studying history, I’ll be watching (for the 2nd time, as I Tunnelbear App along with the Brits at original airing) the season finale, aka Christmas Special, of the beloved antics of the family Crawley. Extra points for having visited the majestic Highclere Castle, which brings the viewing experience even closer to a shared sort of experience.

Ready, set, play!

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