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One college summer, my friend and I ran our own catering business.

We spent days lying by the pool, and the evenings cooking marvelous dishes, lugging them to nearby fancy parties, passing hors d’oeuvres and doing dishes. It was an amazing enterprise, netting us fantastic tans & big fat savings accounts.

Summer ended, and it was time to get back to Cornell College. Indulgence was burning a hole in my pocket, and I decided to treat myself to a bit of splendor: my very own Marimekko anything. I zipped off to the mall in our retro red Saab with a crisp one hundred-dollar bill and headed straight to Crate&Barrel. I left, moments later, with my arms jubilantly wrapped around a fluffy fantastic comforter!

It’s no wonder that Crate&Barrel has been a big deal to me my whole life. It’s just cool. Always was, always will be. Wedding registry, gifts for friends setting off to get hitched, my son’s very first tricycle (I told you I’m cursed with needing things to be visually pleasing…)…decades of finding my happy place just by walking through their doors.

And who’d a thunk it, but wow, I’ll never forget what a feeling it was to walk into Crate&Barrel and see a bit of M Wood on their walls. “Bukhara Fields” in it’s ginormous 7 foot tall frame, it’s colorblock middle eastern-inspired print, & “Cityscapes”, a family of Americana architectural framed illustrations, gave me the very same breathless thrill as when I first crossed that threshold, years ago, with my one hundred-dollar bill.

Gallery above: add flattery to flattery when a pair of the bold Buhkara Fields was chosen to embellish and inspire this dynamic dining room in HGTV’s 2011 Dream Home.

Dinner is served. In style!

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