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i like to draw

It never gets old.

Even with the forewarning of, say, a commission for some Wintry exclusive illustrations two years ago, added to the narrowing down of favorites, art directions from New Hampshire and the best in show choices made, I still get a leap of major elation when I see the goods in person. And in person, I mean: plunk, once the mail is delivered and the glossy, Autumn-whispered Garnet Hill catalogue lands from the putt-putt-putt delivery truck of the post man, and I flip through expectantly to see the cotton, flannel & wool finery, dappled with my familiar lines and fields of color.

So cool!

I can draw, but I can’t sew, nor hook a wool rug, but the fabulous folks at Garnet Hill can.

Presenting Ski Day Flannel Bedding Collection, Ski Hooked Wool Rug Collection & a reprise, with perhaps it’s final bow, my good old North Pole Bedding Collection. All at Garnet Hill, and all, if you ask me and you know I’m biased: absolutely gorgeous!

With the chill in the air, the crunch under boots, and the crackle due to be lit in the fireplace, maybe now’s the time to order a big bundle for your own cozy winter cuddles.


Ski Day Flannel Bedding Collection:


Ski Day Poufy Throw:


Ski Hooked Wool Rug Collection:


North Pole Holiday Bedding


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