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i like to draw

When I’m not drawing, daydreaming, planning a road trip, hanging with one or other of my big kids or diving into a good movie, I set my sights on history.

As it is, I’m suffering major withdrawal of a huge kind after spending a marvelous week drenched in Americana in the 20th Century thanks to Ken Burns and his spectacular documentary, “The Roosevelts.”

As luck would have it, that very same week found me heading west to my sweet alma mater, Cornell College, to bask in the mind-bogglingly cool anecdotes of History Rock Star, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

And double luck to meet for a pre-lecture chat: what a warm & delightful woman she is!

As I sat in our hallowed King Chapel enthralled by Ms Goodwins bon mots, I sat near a former Art Professor of mine. Her late, dapper husband was the Chair of the History Dept during my heyday (and a frequent instructor): I felt his profound eyebrows twitching somehow in hovering enjoyment and approval of the whole show. Standing ovation earned.

I am reminded always, but especially after such a strong, earnest dose such as this night was, of how infinitely captivating the study of history is.

Bring it on.


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