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Rowing on the Thames, Citysketch London

Rowing on the Thames, Citysketch London




For an upcoming interview with Mollie Makes to appear on their fabulous website on 2 July, I completed a few of the prompts from the soon-to-launch Citysketch London.

I read through the digital version that I have here in my studio, and chose three of the myriad of wonderful sketch prompts to complete for this super fun assignment.

Granted, I wasn’t IN London, nor did I have time to jet off to this city that I love, but managed to use my imagination to sketch a little something.

The race to the finish line, with the throngs of Union Jack-waving fans gathered along the Thames is shown here, amidst the original artwork of the page, is the result, and, incidentally, one of the very favorites of my hundreds of London illustrations.


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