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TV2 Denmark & The Rockin’ Rodham



How else to spend a languid Summer Saturday than to host a Ready for Hillary, especially when it features our delicious signature drink, The Rockin’ Rodham, and the dynamic duo news team of a cameraman & reporter from TV2 Denmark?

I never quite know how these things happen, but once an email arrived from a very polite news producer, there was no going back. An enthusiastic supporter of things such as: girl power, liberal ideals, global fun, on-camera interviews and throwing a party, my daughter and I channeled our Olivia Pope & Martha Stewart to throw a political house party for some locals.

The hilarious twist was the earnest presence of our man on the street, Jesper Steinmetz and his ever-present cameraman, Peder. I was miked, to the guffaws (snapchat was involved in the documenting of this rare-moment) of my daughter, I was filmed (I hate my voice), and I was called upon to have an opinion about an upcoming Presidential race.

Our party, which featured a Hillary Clinton Photo Booth, “Fun Facts”, that drink that we were all guzzling, as well as goodie bags & a card to sign and send on to the we-sure-hope-she-does-become-a candidate, is memorialized in this 4 and a half minute Danish-language news story.

Nobody ever accuses us of being boring out here in our little country hideaway!

Translation, anyone?

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