m wood pen

i like to draw

wouldn’t you know it had to happen on a sunday night?

not that my life isn’t over the top incredibly exciting AT ALL TIMES, but tonight, well, i had, ahem, for a change, ahem, thought to cozy up to the sunday night line up which includes all things ‘the good wife’, followed by the evil goings on in the hamptons thanks to that sweet emily extracting ‘revenge’.

instead, and this is of course why we love the world of dvr, xfinity, netflix and the rest of the gadgets that let us temporarily suspend time, i will be recording (although i will always refer to this act as ‘taping’) my favs in order to:

sit, glued to the tv, watching the mtv movie awards, agog and jotting madly the names of all presenters, performers and winners.


well, because they are all bringing home a great big bag of swag, courtesy of mtv and backstage creations.

and in this bag?

that cute little book of mine, the architecture of the cocktail.

you may have heard of it?


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