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This is an accurate account of today’s job description.

Woke up to an iphone on fire. Figuratively. My sibling email thread to determine who brings what for Christmas feast got sidetracked when my younger brother announced that the Chicago Tribune (my local paper but I’m a New York Times reader, ahem) had a great piece on The Architecture of The Cocktail in today’s food issue.

At the same time, the book promotions team over in NYC and that area generally east of me, fired up a repartee of convo in celebratory glee over the fabulous press that the book is getting.

Further into that, I was soon invited to join the throngs at this summer’s Tales of the Cocktail gathering. A bit of googling and querying soon had me thrilled to see that my first trip to New Orleans will be this coming July. Who says no to a free drink at the Carousel Bar?

Of course, this is a most excellent excuse for a road trip, thus sent a text to youngest daughter and have ordered up a kookie itinerary to claim the mood, music and Southern charm of our adored television show, Hart of Dixie.

Then came coffee, dealing with little freezing, shaking dogs and a hungry cat.

Steady on then for a few hours at my desk, I have nearly completed a sketch of the Matterhorn which is to be a Christmas gift from a long-established client to her wanderlusting daughter. At the same time, I am beginning to write the prompts for next Citysketch book on the docket, which means I am swimming in London Architecture & History.

And a sweet mission, today, will find me creating an illustration for a dear college friends daughter to gift to her traveling sister.

Following along?

But the biggest mission today is this: grabbing my spray bottle of misting water and aiming it at very naughty cat who is bound and determined to munch on the bursting happy pink and celadon flower bouquet sitting atop my drafting table. A lovingly generous surprise sent to me by my adorable children for my birthday, I will protect those blooms with my life, even while sketching madly, madly, madly in a happy illustrating life.

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