m wood pen

i like to draw

m wood shades of shades web filewhere does inspiration come from?

for me, as of late last night, it was from a last-minute painting posters project for my daughter’s freshman year dorm decor.

with less than a week to go before we pile the car high with goodies, supplies & siblings and head north, the list of things to do is dwindling, and the faint whisper of now as it’s been is becoming louder.

so, to add to the hilarity of this wrap up to our chunk of perfection that has been her childhood here in my midst, we treated ourselves to spaghetti & meatballs, a double-header of both traveling pants movies (with my obnoxious commentaries: every time i saw blake lively, i would pantomime her saying “tibby, i’ll be marrying ryan reynolds”), and a table covered in paints and paper.

my house and my hatred of bright lights found us wrapped in the constant twinkle-lights of white christmas strings of teeny bulbs: the only lumination besides the flickering goings on of the four best friends as they came of age. thus,as my assignments, directly ushered by my teen art director, came one by one, by the time i was wrapping up the last project, these sunglasses, i was literally painting by the light of my cellphone!

check one more category off of the list, and today’s bright sunny morning brings along yet more hunting, gathering, celebrating, savoring and memorizing of what this life tastes like.

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