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m wood heading northi don’t even know what to say: can’t really remember a busier time in my entire life (and considering my age, that says a lot!).

this summer has offered, thus far: 3 road trips, one wedding shower, one photo shoot, one time on the stage of the grand ole opry, one college orientation session, innumerable feasts out at great restaurants, countless hours happily designing and crafting decor for a rustic, gorgeous wedding, one glue-gun burn, a mega-sleepover at my lodgey house chock-ful of zany college pals and more hilarity than i can count, two super birthday celebrations, two new dogs and stacks of great new projects. oh, and lots of coffee.

i’m sure i’ve left something out, but it’s been a whirlwind of fun, travel, family, love and creativity.  rounding the corner to the wrap up of summer itself, i’ll hunker down to begin illustrations for my next 3 (wow, three!) new book projects…then toss in a few weeks of college dorm shopping/prep for my youngest lassie’s first year at university…and finally, as the weather & full-time mother-life hints at autumn, we’ll stuff the car with bags, boxes, & tots, aim north to set off yet another fabulous child on their solo course into the wide, wide world.


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