m wood pen

i like to draw

m wood radio city shaded


the list is brimming over the edge as summer winds its way round our days.  a pair of new dogs, more mini-road-trips than i can count, leaping into the midst of a zany book photo-shoot, planning parties and heading the decorating committee (of two!) for an upcoming wedding, i’m managing to sandwich (just) in time to work, sketch and conjure up future fabulous projects.

my daughter and i noted just yesterday, while driving home from the iconic american gothic house, that this is one summer that will have absolutely zero regrets: granted, last year we (and her cool sibs) jetted off for weeks of european adventure, but this american soil only three months have offered a chock-a-block assortment of fun that almost compares.

hoping that the ease, breeze and open skies of these warming months are thrilling you, too.

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